The Jesus Plan is a street praying & witness outreach by the local congregations, in any given community, for the purpose of demonstrating their concern and desire to be a "blessing" to the people of the city!

THE POWER: "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for IT IS the POWER of GOD unto salvation to all those who believe!"

Street witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ

THE PLAN: Was first used by the Lord, with the 200 (12+70+120) which He recruited to be with Him (His disciples), He showed us how to "spread the Gospel!" Jesus, (with these 200) demonstrated the power of "average" people, going out into the highways and byways, where daily, they announced (witness) the good news... that the Savior had come, not to condemn the world, but that the world thru Him might be saved! This of course caused a stir, a spiritual awaking in the city!

THE PEOPLE: While no one congregation today, could field 200 people a day (for an extended period of time) each congregation COULD field, 1 person, that combined with the representative from the other congregations, creates a labor force that will make a significant impact within the whole community! By placing one representative from each congregation, on all 4 conners, of every major intersections of the city,( the simple act of just standing there, from 10am to 3pm, with a Bible) as a visible wittness, for a twelve (12) day period, significant impact within the community can be made!

The short term goal is to "start" spiritual conversation with in the community, conversation concerning the claims of Christ and the role and purpose of the "local church!" This will prayerful lead, to long term results, with many finding Christ and subsequently their place in one of the many local congregations!

We pray you will take a few moments of your time to review this plan. We invite you to look over this simple idea, an idea we have proven to be effective all over the world! We believe it will also cause a stir in your community and streets... prayerful resulting in much interest and discussion concerning our Lord's love and forgiveness towards all!

The theme is... "touching our community with the Love of God. How? "By standing up for Jesus openly!" We know that by fielding a large number of Jesus's people, for an extended period of time, in a very visible and simple manner (just standing on a street corner with a Bible), the unchurched and nominal believers will began to ask questions, especially as they find out each person represents ONE of the many LOCAL congregations! This is really the first step in a spiritual awaking, (creating an interest in the unbeliever), that can result in a journey to eternal life!

There are more than enough unbelievers to fill every local assembly to overflowing and even necessitating expansion of facilities! "To win for the Lamb... the reward of His suffering".

AN example: Say a city has 400 congregations, if all 400 participated, each contributing one representative...that would put 400 witnesses a day, for 12 days, enough to cover 100 main intersections of the community! You can see what an impact this will make!

People will soon begin to ask:

  • "Whats going on?
  • What's happening?
  • Who are these people?
  • What are they doing?
  • Why are they standing on the streets?

Of course the media will be notified before hand and will announce that local Christians are concerned about the condition of society, and want all to know, that "The Church" is alive and well, that the congregations and their pastors are availably to help in anyway they can! A list of all the cooperating churches would be made availably to the press with address and contact information! Certainly opportunities will abound, allowing the different members to witness for the Lord and invite new individuals to their particular services!

These 12 representatives (1 day for 12 days) from the congregations, will experience the JOY of "fishing for men"! They will return with renewed zeal and burden for hurting people and the community in general!

Prayerfully, this experience of "standing up for Jesus" will have a very positive effect not only for themselves but for the rest of the church, as they relate there experiences to others! Many other benefits will result as well, but this gives just a little idea of what could be accomplished by using the PLAN introduced by our Lord!

Program Outline
Pastor's Briefing

The Jesus Plan is based on sound biblical doctrine...

"Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage."
Matthew 22:9

"Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the labourers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest."
Luke 10:2

"And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!"
Romans 10:15

Evangelist Bill Lowery talking with Isik Alba about sending dedicated christian out into the street of America to preach the gospel!

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